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"5th Hole at Kapalua"
"Iao Valley"
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The Iao Valley is one of the wonders of nature that captivates the mind and delights the soul. It is a part of the Maui Mountain Range that is home to some of the most drastic mountain formations. One looks nearly straight up to see the top of various mountains that surround you as you explore the fresh water streams that lace the mountains on their way downhill, forming beautiful waterfalls. It has long been held by the Hawaiian People as a very spiritual place.

Unlike Hana, the Iao Valley is centrally located and easily accessible. The waterfall in this painting is an actual place, with every tree and plant and rock exactly as they existed at this point in time and space. It is a 45-minute hike beyond the parking facilities.
Category: Landscapes, Waterfalls
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"5th Hole at Kapalua"
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