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"Majestic Guardian"
"Macaw Falls"
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Macaw Falls is a real place that exists deep into the valleys of Peahi, not accessible by any path. The fresh waters form a steep fall, and the pool beneath is so deep that we have never discovered its bottom. The steep slopes that surround the falls are covered with honey ginger, otherwise called yellow ginger. The flower is so sweet that you can suck the honey from its stem, and the intoxicating fragrance is like none other, as it blooms in summer through September and dominates the valleys that are graced with its presence.

It is originally from India, brought to Hawaii over a hundred years ago, where it has since grown wildly throughout the deep valleys and hillsides of the jungles. It is my personal favorite and I always feel honored to be sharing a space with such a beautiful creation. The Macaws are not indigenous to Hawaii either, however many a pet has broken free from his cage and has found a way of life and a companion in the warm climate of Maui.

The Valley Isle of Maui is known for many a stream that finds its way down the mountains and into the ocean. In Macaw Falls the water has emptied into a bay that is frequented by the Green Sea Turtle and the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, as well as many tropical fish.
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"Majestic Guardian"
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